Here at The Local Grill we age our meats in house to offer you the tastiest, juiciest meat available.

How do we age our meat? Well, this is where our meat experts come into their own, their passion, vision and taste helps us to offer unique steaks.

There are two main ways to age meat, dry and wet age both of which give us different flavors.

We are going to talk through dry ageing today. After a cow is slaughtered, skinned, gutted and cleaned, dry beef ageing is the process by which the carcass is kept under climate-controlled conditions to help the natural breakdown of its connective tissues, and to help remove any moisture.

The dry-ageing method primarily works by hanging the (non-covered) beef carcass inside a closed room at a controlled temperature (usually 0° to 4 °C) and relative humidity (75%-80%) levels.

This helps the beef to:

  • Work the natural enzymes (µ-calpain) in breaking down proteins and fats into amino acids and fatty acids which create a meaty flavorsome taste.
  • It also breaks down the connective protein tissues to tenderize the beef to allow The Local Grill to serve the tastiest juiciest steaks in Nairobi.
  • The growth of a fungal (thamnidium) crust on the surface of the beef which is trimmed off before cooking. This fungus is known to produce collagenolytic enzymes which have been found to enhance and intensify the flavour of our steaks.
  • The evaporation of moisture within the meat – increasing the fat-to-meat ratio of the beef carcase, this gives every mouthful the flavor and texture we think works best.